Colonel Edward P. Chapin

Colonel Edward Payson Chapin commanded a brigade in General Auger's 1st Division at Port Hudson.  His troops participated in the Battle of Plains Store on May 21, 1863, and in the assault on the Confederate center defended by General Beall's troops on May 27th.  He was killed by rifle fire while leading his men during the attack.

Edward Payson Chapin was a native of Waterloo, New York, and was a well-known Buffalo attorney when the war broke out.  He was also a member of the city's first semi-pro baseball club - the Niagaras.  In 1861, Chapin became captain of Company A in the 44th NY Volunteers, otherwise known as Ellsworth's Avengers, and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel after he was wounded at Hanover Court House, Virginia, on May 27, 1862.  He became colonel of Erie County's 116th NY Volunteers in September, 1862.  Chapin was killed exactly one year after his Virginia wounding, and appointed a brigadier general on the day he died.  He is buried in Waterloo, NY where he was born.


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