Major General Franklin Gardner

Major General Franklin Gardner was commander of the Confederate forces at Port Hudson during the battle and siege period.  Gardner was a native New Yorker, and a 1843 graduate of West Point.  Afterwards, he served at Pensacola Harbor, and on the frontier at several locations, including Texas.  He served in the Mexican War where he was promoted to Captain for his heroic conduct.  After the war, he again served on the frontier in several postings.

When the Civil War began, he was serving at Fort Bridger in Utah Territory.  Since he was sympathetic to the South and his wife was born in Louisiana, he left his post and joined the Confederate Army.  He was a Lt. Colonel commanding a cavalry brigade at Shiloh, and reached the rank of Major General in December, 1862, at which time he was given command of the Confederate forces at Port Hudson.  He arrived there on December 27, 1862.

After the surrender, he was held in a Union prison camp until August, 1864, when he was exchanged and returned to service with the Confederate Army, serving in Mississippi.

Following the war, Gardner lived in Vermilionville, (now Lafayette) Louisiana, as a planter. He died on 29 April 1873, and is buried in Lafayette.


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