Brigadier General Francis S. Nickerson

Brigadier General Francis S. Nickerson commanded a brigade under General Sherman, and on May 27th, participated in the attack across Slaughter's Field, along with General Dow's brigade.  When General Sherman, then General Dow were wounded, the division command fell to Nickerson, but he wasn't notified, and for a time the division was leaderless.  After the battle, the command of the division was taken away and given to General Dwight.  On June 14th, Nickerson's brigade took part in Dwight's attack on the Citadel, which did not succeed in breaching the fortress.  On the night of June 29, and again the night of the 30th, Nickerson's men stormed at the Citadel, but were repulsed after heavy, hand-to hand fighting.

Francis Stillman Nickerson was born in Swanville, Maine on 27 August, 1826.  He was educated at East Corinth academy, Maine, and was a collector of customs at the beginning of the civil war, when he resigned and became successively captain, major, and lieutenant-colonel of the 4th Maine regiment.  He was commended in general orders by Gen Oliver O. Howard for bravery at Bull Run, and on 31 December, 1861, was made colonel of the 14th Maine and sent to New Orleans under General Benjamin F. Butler.  He was specially mentioned for his services at Baton Rouge, and on 29 November, 1862, was promoted to brigadier-general of volunteers.  He then served in the Department of the Gulf, including the Port Hudson and Red River Campaigns, until his resignation on 13 May, 1865.  After the war Nickerson resided in Boston, Massachusetts.


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