Confederate Army Units at Port Hudson - March 14, 1863

(Source: Hewett, Lawrence L., Port Hudson, Confederate Bastion on the Mississippi)

Commander: Major General Franklin Gardner

MAXEY'S BRIGADE  - Brig. General S. B. Maxey BEALL'S BRIGADE  - Brig. General William N. R. Beall
4th Louisiana 8th (Jones) Arkansas Battalion
30th Louisiana 11th Arkansas
42nd Tennessee 12th Arkansas
46th Tennessee 14th Arkansas
48th Tennessee 15th Arkansas
49th Tennessee 16th Arkansas
53rd Tennessee 17th Arkansas
55th Tennessee 18th Arkansas
1st Texas Battalion Sharpshooters 23rd Arkansas
Fenner's Louisiana Battery 1st Mississippi
Roberts' (Seven Stars) Mississippi Battery 39th Mississippi
Battery B (Herods's), 1st Mississippi Light Artillery
GREGG'S BRIGADE  - Brig. General John Gregg Battery F (Bradford's), 1st Mississippi Light Artillery
9th Louisiana Battalion Battery K (Abbay's), 1st Mississippi Light Artillery
3rd Tennessee
10th Tennessee RUST'S BRIGADE  - Brig. General Albert Rust
30th Tennessee 35th Alabama
41st Tennessee 9th Arkansas
50th Tennessee 1st Confederate Battalion
51st Tennessee 12th Louisiana
1st Tennessee Battalion 6th Mississippi
7th Texas 15th Mississippi
Hoskins' (Brookhaven) Mississippi Battery Hudson's Mississippi Battery
Bledsoe's (1st) Missouri Battery Battery A, Pointe Coupee Louisiana Artillery
  Battery C, Pointe Coupee Louisiana Artillery
BUFORD'S BRIGADE  - Brig. General Abraham Buford  
27th Alabama MILES'S COMMAND  - Colonel William R. Miles
49th Alabama Miles's Louisiana Legion
6th Alabama Battalion Boone's Louisiana Battery
16th Alabama Battalion
10th Arkansas
3rd Kentucky PROVOST GUARD
7th Kentucky English's Mississippi Battery (without guns)
Watson Louisiana Battery Claibourne Mississippi Infantry Company
No. 1  Captain J. F. Whitfied, Company K, 1st Alabama: 30-pound Parrott
No. 2  Lieutenant A. W. Harmon, Company A, 1st Alabama: one 42-pounder smoothbore and two rifled 24-pounders
No. 3  Captain R. H. Riley, Company G, 1st Alabama: one rifled 32-pounder and one 42-pounder smoothbore
No. 4  Captain W. B. Seawell, Company E, 12th Louisiana Battalion Heavy Artillery (Mohawk Alabama Artillery): one 8-inch and one 10-inch columbiad
No. 5  Captain D. Wardlaw Ramsay, Company B, 1st Alabama: one 10-inch columbiad, one 42-pounder, and one 32-pounder, both smooth bores
No. 6  Captain John M. Kean, Company A, 12th Louisiana Battalion Heavy Artillery: two rifled 24-pounders
No. 7  Captain James Madison Sparkman, 1st Tennessee Battalion Heavy Artillery (hot shot battery): two 24-pounder smoothbores
No. 8  Captain W. Norris Coffin, Company D, 12th Louisiana Battalion Heavy Artillery (Bethel Virginia Artillery): two rifled 24-pounders
No. 9  Captain Felix Le Bisque, Company B, 12 Louisiana Battalion Heavy Artillery: one 8-inch shell gun (Lieutenant O. Rodrigues) and one 32-pounder smoothbore (Lieutenant E. C. McDowell)
9th Louisiana Battalion Partisan Rangers
Bryan's Louisiana Company
Cage's Louisiana Company
Daigre's Louisiana Company
Stuart's Louisiana Company
Garland's Mississippi Battalion
Norman's Mississippi Company
Rhode's Mississippi Company
Stockdale's Mississippi Company
Terrell's Mississippi Company
Wilbourn's Mississippi Company
9th Tennessee Battalion

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