Confederate Forces at Port Hudson
(Source: Edmonds, David C., The Guns of Port Hudson Vol. 2)
Port Hudson, Louisiana
Major General Franklin K. Gardner
Left Wing - Colonel I.G.W. Steedman
1st Alabama Infantry, Col. I.G.W. Steedman
1st Mississippi Infantry (detachment), Major Thomas H. Johnston
15th Arkansas Infantry, Colonel Benjamin Johnson
39th Mississippi Infantry, Col. W.B. Shelby
10th Arkansas Infantry, Lt. Col. E.L. Vaughan
18th Arkansas Infantry, Col. W.N. Parish
1st Mississippi Light Artillery, Bradford's and Herod's Battery
Watson's Louisiana Battery, Lieutenant E.A. Toledano
9th Louisiana Battalion, Lt. Col. J.H. Wingfield
Claiborne's Mississippi Light Infantry, Capt. A.J. Lewis
English's Mississippi Battery, Lt. P.J. Noland
Center - Brigadier General William Nelson Rector Beall
49th Alabama Infantry, Major T.A. Street
12th Arkansas Infantry, Col. T.J. Reid, Jr.
16th Arkansas Infantry, Col. David Provence
14th Arkansas Infantry, Lt. Col. Pleasant Fowler
23rd Arkansas Infantry, Col. O.P. Lyles
1st Arkansas Battalion, Lt. Col. B. Jones
12th Louisiana Artillery Battalion
1st Mississippi Infantry, Lt. Col. A.S. Hamilton
1st Mississippi Light Artillery, George Abbay's Battery
1st Alabama Infantry, Company K, Capt. J.F. WhitfieId
1st Tennessee Light Artillery, Co. B, Lt. Oswald Tilghman
Watson's La. Battery, (one section), Sgt. Maj. H.L. Nichols
1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery, Co. G, Capt. James A. Fisher
Right Wing - Colonel William R. Miles
9th Louisiana Battalion, Infantry,. Capt. T.B.R. Chinn
Miles’ Louisiana Legion, Lt. Col. Frederick Brand
23rd Arkansas Infantry, Col. O.P. Lyles
Boone’s Louisiana Battery, Capt. R.M. Boone
Seven Stars Mississippi.Artillery, Capt. Calvit Roberts
DeGournay's Battery, Infantry detachment, Maj. A. Merchant
Maxey's Brigade. An improvised battalion, Colonel S.A. Whiteside commanding,
    consisting of details from 41st, 42nd, 48th, 49th, 53rd, and 55th Tennessee Infantry, 
    7th Texas Battalion Sharpshooters (Maj. James Burnett),
    and 4th and 39th Louisiana Infantry (Maj. Robert S, Pruyn and Capt. T,K, Porter).
River Defenses - Lieutenant Colonel Melancthon J. Smith
Right Wing - Lt. Col. M.J. Smith
Battery No. 1, 1st Alabama Infantry, Captain L.C. Whitfield
Battery No. 2, 1st Alabama Infantry, Captain J.D. Meadows
Battery No. 3, 1st Alabama Infantry, Captain R.H. Riley
Battery No. 4, 12th Louisiana Heavy Artillery, Captain W .W. Seawell
Battery No. 5, 1st Alabama Infantry, Captain D.W. Ramsey
Battery No. 6, 12th Louisiana Heavy Artillery, Captain John N. Kean
Battery No. 7, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery, Captain Waller
Left Wing - Lieutenant Colonel Paul F. de Gournay
Battery No. 8, 12th Louisiana Heavy Artillery, Capt. W.N. Coffin
Battery No. 9, 12th Louisiana Heavy Artillery, Lt. O. Rodriguez
Battery No. 10, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery, Lt. E.C. McDowell
Battery No. 11, Miles' Louisiana Legion, Lt. Watts Kearney
(Aggregate present, 5,718 troops on May 19, 1863, and 5,001 on July 9, 1863.
Confederate ordnance at Port Hudson consisted of 20 pieces of heavy artillery
and 31 pieces of field artillery.)
Clinton, Louisiana
Colonel John L. Logan
Colonel Frank Powers
9th Tennessee Battalion, Maj. James H. Aiken
Stockdale's Miss. Battalion, Col. Thomas R. Stockdale
Cage's Louisiana Battalion, Capt. John B. Cage
11th and 17th Arkansas Mounted Infantry, Col. John Griffith
Garland's Battalion of Cavalry, Maj. W.H. Garland
Hugh's Battalion of Cavalry, Lt. Col. C.C. Wilbourn
Seven Stars Mississippi Artillery (one section), Capt. Calvin Roberts
(Aggregate present, 1,571 troops, 1,296 effective on June 25, 1863)

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