A Biographical Sketch of Admiral David Farragut (Complete book)
Great Commanders - Admiral Farragut
By Captain A.T. Mahon

This complete book, written around 1892, is a good account of David Farragut's service in the United States Navy, including his famous actions in the Civil War at New Orleans, Vicksburg, Port Hudson, and Mobile.  The book is in the public domain.  Along with describing Farragut's experiences, it provides good information about the overall situations and strategies involved in the Civil War Mississippi River campaigns.  It includes maps of all of Farragut's major Civil War engagements.

Due to the book's length and the resultant file size, the book is divided into three parts for this web site for faster page loading.

Part One - 1800 through 1861: Farragut's birth through his initial Civil War service, prior to New Orleans.

Part Two - 1862 through 1864: The New Orleans, Vicksburg, Port Hudson, and Mobile campaigns.

Part Three - 1865 through 1870: The final years and his death.

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