Union Army Units at Port Hudson - May 27, 1863

(Source of unit list: Hewett, Lawrence L., Port Hudson, Confederate Bastion on the Mississippi)

XIX Army Corps, Army of the Gulf

COMMANDER:  Major General Nathaniel P. Banks

RIGHT FLANK:  Brigadier General Godfrey Weitzel  
DWIGHT'S DIVISION  - Brigadier General William Dwight THIRD DIVISION  - Brig. General Halbert E. Paine (Wounded)
VAN ZANDT'S BRIGADE - Colonel Jacob Van Zandt FEARING'S BRIGADE - Colonel Hawkes Fearing, Jr.
1st Louisiana - Colonel Richard E. Holcomb 8th New Hampshire - Lt. Col. Oliver W. Lull (Killed)
91st New York - Colonel Jacob Van Zandt 133rd New York
131st New York - Lt. Col. Nicholas W. Day 173rd New York
  4th Wisconsin (nine companies)
THOMAS' BRIGADE - Colonel Stephan Thomas  
12th Connecticut - Lt. Col. Frank H. Peck GOODING'S BRIGADE - Colonel Oliver P. Gooding
75th New York - Colonel Robert B. Merritt 31st Massachusetts (seven companies)
160th New York  - Lt. Col. John B. Van Petten 38th Massachusetts - Lt. Col. W. L. Rodman (Killed), Maj. Jas. P. Richardson
8th Vermont  - Lt. Col. Charles Dillingham 53rd Massachusetts (8 companies) - Col. John W. Kimball
  156th New York
NELSON'S BRIGADE - Colonel John A. Nelson  
1st Louisiana Native Guards (at least six companies) DETACHMENT ON WEST BANK
3rd Louisiana Native Guards 11th New York
6th Massachusetts Battery (two guns) 162nd New York
1st Louisiana Cavalry (detachment) 6th Massachusetts Battery (two guns)
  1st Louisiana (?) Cavalry, (two companies)
1st Maine Battery  - Lt. John E. Morton  
2nd Massachusetts  
4th Massachusetts  
6th Massachusetts (two guns) - Lt. John F. Phelps  
Battery A, 1st United States - Capt. Edm. C. Bainbridge  
Battery F, 1st United States - Capt. Richard C. Duryea  
FOURTH DIVISION - Brigadier General Cuvier Grover  
KIMBALL'S BRIGADE - Colonel John Kimball BIRGE'S BRIGADE - Colonel Henry W. Birge
24th Connecticut - Col. Samuel M. Mansfield 13th Connecticut - Capt. Apollos Comstock
12th Maine (nine companies) - Lt. Col. Edward Ilsley 25th Connecticut - Lt. Col. Mason C. Weld
  159th New York - Lt. Col. Charles A. Burt
Battery L, 1st United States  - Capt. Henry W. Closson 2nd Massachusetts Battalion
Battery C, 2nd United States  - Lt. Theodore Bradley 14th New York (one company)
FIRST DIVISION - Major General Christopher C. Augur  
CHAPIN'S BRIGADE - Colonel Edward P. Chapin (Killed) DUDLEY'S BRIGADE - Colonel Nathan A. M. Dudley
2nd Louisiana - Lt. Col. Charles Everett 30th Massachusetts - Lt. Col. William W. Bullock
21st Maine - Col. Elijah D. Johnson 50th Massachusetts - Col. Charles P. Messer
48th Massachusetts - Col. Eben F. Stone 161st New York - Col. Gabriel T. Harrower
49th Massachusetts - Col. William F. Bartlett (Wounded) 174th New York - Major George Keating
116th New York - Col. George M. Love  
ARTILLERY 1st Louisiana Native Guards Engineers
21st Indiana Infantry (seven companies) 1st Louisiana Cavalry (detachment)
18th New York Battery - Capt. Albert G. Mack 2nd Rhode Island Cavalry
Battery G, 5th United States - Lt. Jacob B. Rawles  
2nd Vermont  - Capt. Pythagora E. Holcombe  
SECOND DIVISION - Brigadier General Thomas Sherman (Wounded)  
DOW'S BRIGADE - Brigadier General Neal Dow (Wounded) NICKERSON'S BRIGADE - Brig. General Frank S. Nickerson
26th Connecticut - Lt. Col. Joseph Selden 14th Maine - Col. Thomas W. Porter
6th Michigan - Lt. Col. Edward Bacon 24th Maine - Col. George M. Atwood
15th New Hampshire - Col. John W. Kingman 165th New York - Lt. Col. Abel Smith, Jr., Capt. Felix Angus
128th New York - Colonel David S. Cowles (Killed), Lt. Col. James Smith 177th New York - Col. Ira W. Ainsworth
21st Indiana Infantry (one company)  
21st New York  
1st Vermont  
CAVALRY:  Colonel Benjamin H. Grierson  
6th Illinois - Colonel Reuben Loomis  
7th Illinois - Colonel Edward Prince  
14th New York (five or eight companies)  


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