Union Land Forces at Port Hudson - June 30, 1863
(Source: Edmonds, David C., The Guns of Port Hudson Vol. 2)
XIX ARMY CORPS, ARMY OF THE GULF -Major General Nathaniel P. Banks
First Division - Major General Christopher C. Augur
First Brigade - Colonel Charles J. Paine, Colonel Edward P. Chapin (k)
2nd Louisiana Infantry, Lt. Col. Charles Everett
21st Maine Infantry, Col. Elijah D. Johnson
48th Massachusetts Infantry, Col. Eben F. Stone
49st Massachusetts Infantry, Col. William F. Bartlett
116th New York Infantry, Col. George M. Love
Second Brigade - Brigadier General Godfrey Weitzel, Colonel Stephen Thomas, Lt. Col. Willoughby Babcock
12th Connecticut Infantry, Lt. Col. Frank H. Peck
75th New York Infantry, Col. Robert B. Merritt
114th New York Infantry, Col. Elisha B. Smith (k)
160th New York Infantry, Lt. Col. John B. Van Petten
8th Vermont Infantry, Lt. Col Charles Dillingham
Third Brigade - Colonel Nathan A. M. Dudley
30th Massachusetts Infantry, Lt. Col Willam W. Bullock
50th Massachusetts Infantry, Col. Charles P. Messer
161st New York Infantry, Col. Gabriel T. Harrower
174th New York Infantry, Maj. George Keating
1st Indiana Heavy (seven companies), Col. John A. Keith
1st Maine Battery, Lt. John E. Morton
6th Massachusetts Battery, Lt. John F. Phelps
12th Mass. Battery (one section), Lt. E.M. Chamberlin
18th New York Battery, Capt. Albert G. Mack
1st United States, Battery A, Capt. Edmund C. Bainbridge
5th United States, Battery G, Lt. Jacob B. Rawles
Second Division - Brigadier General Thomas Sherman (w), Brigadier General William Dwight
First Brigade - Brigadier General Neal Dow (w), Col. David Cowles (k), Col Thomas S. Clark
26th Connecticut Infantry, Lt. Col. J. Selden
6th Michigan lnfantry, Lt. Col. Edward Bacon
15th New Hampshire Infantry, Col. John W. Kingman
128th New York Infantry, Lt. Col. James Smith
162nd New York Infantry, Lt. Col. Justus W. Blanchard
Third Brigade - Brig. General Frank S. Nickerson
14th Maine Infantry, Col. Thomas W. Porter
24th Maine Infantry, Col. George M. Atwood
28th Maine Infantry (detachment) Col. Ephraim W. Woodman
165th New York Infantry, Capt. Felix Agnus
175th New York Infantry, Maj. John Gray
177th New York Infantry, Col. Ira W. Ainsworth
Artillery - Captain William Roy
1st Indiana Heavy (one company) Capt. William Roy
21st New York Battery, Capt. James Barnes
1st Vermont Battery, Capt. George T. Hebard
Third Division - Brig. General Halbert E. Paine (w)
First Brigade - Colonel Timothy Ingraham, Col. Samuel P. Ferris
4th Massachusetts Infantry, Col. Henry Walker
16th New Hampshire Infantry, Col. James Pike
110th New York Infantry, Col. Clinton H. Sage
28th Connecticut, Col. Samuel P. Ferris
Second Brigade - Col. Hawkes Fearing, Jr., Maj. J.H. Allcot
8th New Hampshire Infantry, Capt. William M. Barrett
133rd New York Infantry, Col. Leonard D. H. Currie
173rd New York Infantry, Capt. George W. Rogers
4th Wisconsin Infantry, Col. Sidney A. Bean (k)
Third Brigade - Colonel Oliver P. Gooding
31st Mass. Infantry (7 companies) Lt. Col. W.S.B. Hopkins
38th Massachusetts Infantry, Maj. James P. Richardson
53rd Massachusetts Infantry, Col. John W. Kimball
156th New York Infantry, Lt. Col. Jacob Sharp
Artillery - Captain Richard C. Duryea
4th Massachusetts Battery, Lt. Fred W. Reinhard
1st United States, Battery F, Capt. Richard C. Duryea
2nd Vermont Battery, Capt. Pythagora E. Holcomb
Fourth Division - Brigadier General Cuvier Grover
First Brigade - Col. Richard Holcomb (k), Col. Joseph S. Morgan
1st Louisiana Infantry, Col. Richard E. Holcomb
22nd Maine Infantry, Col. Simon G. Jerrard
90th New York Infantry, Maj. Nelson Shaurman
91st New York Infantry, Col. Jacob Van Zandt
131st New York Infantry, Lt. Col. Nicholas W. Day
Second Brigade - Colonel William K. Kimball
24th Connecticut Infantry, Col, Samuel M. Mansfield
12th Maine Infantry, Lt. Col. Edward Ilsley
41st Massachusetts Infantry, Col. Thomas E. Chickering
52nd Massachusetts Infantry, Col. Halbert S. Greenleaf
Third Brigade - Colonel Henry W. Birge
13th Connecticut Infantry, Capt. Apollos Comstock
25th Connecticut Infantry, Lt. Col. Mason C. Weld
26th Maine Infantry, Col. Nathaniel H. Hubbard
159th New York Infantry, Lt. Col, Charles A. Burt
Artillery - Captain Henry W. Closson
2nd Massachusetts Battery, Capt Ormand F. Nims
1st United States Battery L, Capt, Henry W. Closson
2nd United Slates Battery C, Lt. Theodore Bradley
Miscellaneous (In various commands)
Cavalry - Colonel Benjamin H. Grierson
6th Illinois Calvary, Lt. Col. Reuben Loomis
7th Illinois Cavalry, Col. Edward Prince
1st Louisiana Cavalry (detachment), Capt. J.F. Godfrey
2nd Massachusetts Battalion, Capt. James Magee
14th New York Cavalry, Capt. George Branning
4th Wisconsin Mounted (4th Wisc. Inf.), Maj. Webster Moore
Corps D'Afrique - Brigadier General Daniel Ullman
6th Infantry, Maj. George Bishop
7th Infantry, Maj. Cornelius F. Mowers
8th Infantry, Lt. Col. William S. Mudgett
9th Infantry, Lt. Col. Isaac S. Bangs, Jr.
10th Infantry, Lt. Col. Ladislas L. Zulavsky
1st Louisiana Engineers, Corps D'Afrique, Col. Justin Hodge
1st Louisiana Native Guards, Lt. Col. Chauncey J. Bassett
3rd Louisiana Native Guards, Col. John A. Nelson
4th Louisiana Native Guards, Col. Charles W. Drew
1st Louisiana Cavalry (white), Maj. Harai Robinson
2nd Rhode Island Cavalry, Lt. Col. Augustus W. Corliss
3rd Mass. Cavalry (41st Infantry), Col. Thomas Chickering
* * * * * * * * * * *
(1) Aggregate present 28,426 troops, June 30, 1863.
Other accounts for the month of June 1863 place the number at 39,770. Banks, however, claimed
to have only about 12,000 effectives at the time.
(2) "(k)" indicates the officer was killed, "(w)" indicates wounded.

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