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of my forces be engaged in front. I did not

allow any of my men to look above the works until

the enemy was within sixty yards of. I did this,

hoping that when I did fire it would be so destruc-

tive as to throw his center into disorder and

confusion, and if possible break it, thereby

destroying his charge. I was right in my opinion.

When within sixty yards, he started for my works

at the "double quick," cheering most lustily, [?]

I then gave him such vollies of buck and ball

cartridges, that in two minutes his center gave

away, & fled. He closed both wings upon the center

and again advanced, but my continuous firing

soon broke his center the second time. He rallied

a third time and advanced to within fifty yards,

there lying down behind stumps, logs, banks of

earth and in ravines, and under a steady fire,

from both infantry and artilery, he succeeded

in filing eleven companies of his command up

a deep ravine in my front or exterior ditches. This

force was under command of Lieut. Col. Van Patton

160 New York regiment. The enemy's artilery, could not

fire upon me now, as it would be as destructive

on his men as mine. Van Patton's command re-

mained in this ditch, making several efforts to take

my works, but being repulsed every time with


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