This map shows the Port Hudson battlefield in great detail as it was during the siege period, 15 June to 9 July 1863.  The location of the Confederate line of fortifications and their batteries (designated with roman numerals), and those of the Federal forces (designated by regular numerals) are indicated, along with other important features.  The commanders and their areas of responsibility are shown.

The colored circle near the top of the map indicates the location of "Fort Desperate", a Confederate position manned by the Fifteenth Arkansas Regiment (Johnson's), which was the scene of some of the fiercest fighting of the battle.  The Fort Desperate earthworks are the heavy lines coming to a point at the extreme northeastern corner of the Confederate lines.  The heavy line shown coming down almost to Fort Desperate from the northeast is a trench (or "sap") which the federal troops dug in an attempt to provide cover from the intense Confederate fire while approaching closer to the position.

Just below and to the right of Fort Desperate, along a jagged portion of the Confederate line near the "XIV" and "XV" numerals, is a position known as "Priest Cap", the target of major Union attacks.   The fortifications at the southern tip of the Confederate lines near the river is the powerful position know as "The Citadel".


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