Confederate Soldiers Who Served at Port Hudson
(Includes Soldiers from AL, AR, KY, LA, MS, TN, TX, and Staff/Misc. Units)

A goal has been to compile a database, as complete and accurate as possible, which contains the names of the Confederate soldiers who served at Port Hudson, and in particular, those who fought there during the siege period.  This data has come from a number of sources, including the Federal list of Confederate parolees, the Federal list of officers captured, the Port Hudson Post Hospital Ledger, soldiers Confederate Service Records, personal accounts of soldiers, books, and others.  Approximately 9,550 names are included in this database.

There were around 16,000 troops at Port Hudson at the end of March, 1863, but several brigades were transferred out of the garrison before the main battles and siege began.  About 7000 soldiers remained when the Federal encirclement was complete on May 22.  Therefore there are thousands of soldiers who served at Port Hudson for some length of time prior to the siege period but whose records do not mention this service.  With some exceptions, the names of these soldiers will not appear in this list.  The list is undoubtedly incomplete and contains errors.  In some cases there are multiple records for the same soldier.  In many cases the lists do not include soldiers who died or were killed prior to the surrender, were in hospitals at the time of the surrender, or who escaped before going into captivity.  If anyone has additional names of soldiers known to have served at Port Hudson, I would very much appreciate receiving them for inclusion.

Go here for a list of the Confederate units which were present at Port Hudson.

The great majority of the service records for these soldiers state that the soldier was captured at the surrender of Port Hudson on July 9, 1863 and, if enlisted, was paroled on July 10-12, 1863.  Officers captured on 9 Jul 1863 were not paroled.  They were sent off to Northern prison camps such as Johnson's Island, Ohio, where most spent the remainder of the war.  The lists generally give the name, rank, company, regiment, and service record of each soldier.

To search for a particular surname, use the box below.  The search is case insensitive.  A partial surname of at least three letters may be entered.  An example of a complete record is:

Hall   Laurel V   Pvt., Co. H, 23rd Ark. Inf. Regt. Enl. 6 Mar 1862 at Arkadelphia, AR by A.A.Pennington. Captured 9 Jul 1863 and paroled 10 Jul 1863 at Port Hudson, LA.

Entering, for example, "hall" in the Surname box, would return the records for surnames "Hall,", "Marshall", "Walthall", etc.  If Match surname exactly is checked, only records for "Hall" would be returned.  Use the State selection and (optional) Keyword entry to narrow your search.  The first name field and the Record field are both searched for the keyword entry.   Therefore you could use the keyword to search for a soldier with a certain first name such as "William", or possibly a unit designation such as "15th".   It's best not to narrow your search too much.  There is a limit of 100 results per search.

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1.  The source for the Port Hudson Hospital Ledger is:  Hewett, Lawrence L. and Bergeron, Jr., Arthur W. (Edited and Indexed for Publication) -  Post Hospital Ledger, Port Hudson, Louisiana, 1862-1863  Baton Rouge, LA: Le COMITE des ARCHIVES, 1981.
2.  Thanks to Michael Fraering, Curator of the Port Hudson State Historic Site, for providing copies of the transcribed Federal lists of Confederate parolees, and officers who surrendered at Port Hudson.

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