This very detailed map shows topographical features as well as locations of Confederate defensive positions and their commanders, and the Union forces and their commanders which attacked on May 27th.  Battles raged all along the Confederate lines, with primary assaults being made by Generals Weitzel and Grover on the northeastern Confederate defenses known as Commissary Hill, Fort Babcock, The Bullpen, and Fort Desperate, while Auger attacked the Confederate center, and Sherman's men attacked across Slaughter's Field.  General Dwight's black troops of the 1st and 3rd Louisiana Native Guard regiments attacked the northwest corner of the Confederate lines.  None of these thrusts resulted in any significant penetration of the defenses.

The positions of the Confederate regiments along their defensive line, beginning at the extreme left and in their order were:
The left wing, commanded by Col. Steedman: 39th Mississippi; a detachment of the 9th La. (dismounted cavalry); 10th Arkansas; 1st Alabama; 15th Arkansas (Ft. Desperate). The center, commanded by Gen. Beale: 23rd Arkansas; 16th Arkansas; 1st Arkansas Battalion; 12th Arkansas. The right wing, commanded by Col. Miles: DeGournay's battalion of artillery; and Miles' Legion.

Also shown are the artillery batteries for both sides including types of guns deployed, and the Union naval forces on the river.

Click on the map for a larger version.  There is a still larger version of the map (large file, 1.3MB) on which even the smallest type can be read, such as the type of guns installed.  (Map from "The Guns of Port Hudson, Vol. 2", by David C. Edmonds)



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