This picture, taken inside Fort Desperate after the surrender, shows the 12-pounder cannon disabled on May 27th by the guns of the Federal Battery A, U.S. 1st Artillery, commanded by Captain Bainbridge.  As described in Col. Johnson's report, Lieutenant Edrington, commander of the detachment of Company B, 1st Mississippi Artillery which was part of Johnson's command, was killed by the shell, which struck one of the wheels and exploded.  Johnson then withdrew his remaining 12-pounder to a safer place at his rear.

In the background can be seen the reinforced parapet wall, and the shallow trench just inside it, used to stand in while looking or shooting over the wall.  Also visible is a barrel with a hole cut through it, which was used as a shield by sharpshooters, who shot through the hole at the Union troops digging the sap towards the Fort.  You can also see how the ground slopes down sharply just outside the parapet.


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